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The Mahoney Family "Home" Page

Example ImageWelcome to the Mahoney family home page. Come in and meet us.

Who's who in the family

* John W.C. Mahoney is a lawyer. He is licensed in the states of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, as well as the Federal Courts, United States Tax Court and the International Court of Trade. His practice is concentrated in serving the construction industry, representing municipal contractors with claims against the City, State and Federal governments.

Joëlle Mahoney wears many "hats". In her international role, she is the former "Mrs. France" and "Mrs. All Nations Universal". She currently serves as the president of the French Regional Alliance for National Costume Education, a not-for-profit educational organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the traditional regional costumes of France. For a more in-depth explanation you can visit their web site at On a more mundane level, she is a featured columnist for "Avenue" magazine in New York City. Finally, on a domestic level, she has just completed her certification as a Wilton Cake Decorating Instructor. 

Other "furry" family members
Tara Jayne Mahoney
C. Harold Mahoney
Samantha Anastasia Mahoney
Agatha Aimee Mahoney
Jarred Winston Mahoney
Nikita Josephine Mahoney
Milo Marguerite Mahoney
Guinevere Pendragon Mahoney

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